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The third installment of the widely read “Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy” called Fifty shades freed pdf is finally here – finally ready in pdf format. Fifty Shades Freed pdf is a very interesting romance book that revolves around Anastasia and Christian Grey among other characters. It is authored by E. L. James and published by Vintage; Reprint edition (April 17, 2012).

Trilogy fifty shades freed pdf

This book fifty shades freed pdf provides 592 pages of intriguing romance stories featuring Anastasia and Christian Grey and other main characters like Elliot and Kate . The two get married, go for honeymoon in Europe and return to Seattle. One event leads to the other and Ana gets pregnant with her first child. None of them had expected this pregnancy. Meanwhile, Christian has sexual encounters with Elena Lincoln who has been seducing him since he was fifteen. Ana is furious when she realizes this, and the fact that she is expectant worsens her anger.

epub_mobi_version_fifty_shades_freed_pdf_kindle_versionChristian from fifty trilogy gets his money through kidnappings and other forms of unlawful businesses; therefore he is free most of the time. In one of such activities, his wife is involved, and the victim is Mia. Ana is involved in a fight with her former boss, Jack Hyde and she ends up in hospital. She finally delivers and her husband decides to take their relationship more seriously. They name their son Theodore Raymond Grey. As the story ends, Ana is expecting her second child, a daughter who will be named Phoebe.

CHARACTERS of full hard paperbook fifty Shades pdf Episodes with happy end!

The main characters are Anastasia “Ana” Grey née Steele, Christian Grey. They are husband and wife. Other characters are:

  • Jason Taylor (Christian’s most trusted bodyguard)
  • Luke Sawyer (Ana’s bodyguard)
  • Jack Hyde (Ana’s former boss)
  • Mia Grey (Younger sister to Christian Grey and Elliot Grey)
  • Ethan Kavanagh (brother to Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh)
  • Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh
  • Elliot Grey
  • Elena Lincoln
  • Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey
  • Carrick Grey
  • Ray Steele
  • Leila Williams
  • Elizabeth Morgan
  • Mr. Eric Lincoln.
  • Theodore Raymond Grey

Elliot Grey and Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh are married. Kate is Ana’s best friend while Elliot is Christian’s elder brother.

Passion in erotica writing has its place in this book. The sex scenes depict the hustle-free life of a rich man and a submissive wife who only has a lot of time for sex. Hero of 50 shades freed pdf is drop dead gorgeous, is athletic, tall, well built man with an enormous manhood that makes his mate brim with joy and satisfaction as if the heavenly angels have shown her the direct way to Paradise. There is a lot of time for sex, as we see the partners either having sex or texting or sending romantic emails. Indeed, sex scenes form the bulk of the book. The result is that everything that Christian from “shades” does seems to unveil all the sexual cravings of Ana. She orgasms when he touches her or mentions her name.

In summary, this book is full of romance and sex. Given the activities that main hero and Ana get involved in, it is unbelievable that they still live happily like husband and wife, get two children and cure world hunger, with Ana climaxing in almost every page. There are some readers who have complained that there is too much sex in this book which is presented in a comical way. While this may be true, what matters is what a reader is looking for in a book in pdf option. Pdf format is very popular now!

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