50 shades of grey pdf

Book 50 shades of grey pdf is basically a 2011 romantic novel authored by a British author E. L. James. In this novel, Anastasia Steele is a mere college graduate who falls in love with a youthful business magnate Christian Grey; together, they begin a sadomasochistic relationship

Story Line of 50 Shades

A twenty one year old Anastasia Steele is an English literature major at the University of Washington state that is near Vancouver in Washington. Kate Kavanagh who is her roommate falls ill and is unable to interview a young billionaire entrepreneur by the name Christian grey for the college’s newspaper. Anastasia Ana’ takes her place; she meets Christian at Seattle which is his headquarters. She literally stumbles her way through the meeting. Christian, who is Washington State University’s commencement speaker for that year gets interested in her. Sooner, he visits the Ana’s workplace. He agrees a request by Ana for a photo shoot that will accompany the article

click_here_to_download_fifty_shades_of_grey_pdf_versionAfter that shoot-out, Christian grey invites Anastasia for coffee but leaves abruptly claiming he isn’t the right man for her. Later, Christian sends Ana the 1st edition copies of two Tom Hardy novels one of them being Tess of the d’Urbervilles as gifts. Ana graduates and as they are celebrating with her friends the graduation, she drinks too much. A drunken Ana spontaneously calls Grey telling him that she is returning the books because of his unbecoming behavior towards her. Grey gets concerned and heads to the bar where Ana and her friends were drinking and finds her. Ana passes out only to find her in Christian’s hotel room the next morning. She is relieved when grey tells her that they did not get intimate

Conclusion of  50 Shades of Grey pdf game

Christian and Ana begin seeing each other although he insists that she signs a non-disclosure agreement that prevents her from revealing details regarding their alliance. Christian tells her he only has interrelations that involve bondage that’s clearly explained in a contract that is signed. Ana reveals her deep hidden secret that she’s a virgin. While considering that agreement, she negotiates her own terms and together with Christian grey, they engage in some of Christian grey’s most desired sexual acts

Christian pampers Ana with favors and gifts. He gives her a new laptop computer and a new car. After Kate and Ana move to Seattle, Ana’s bond towards Christian grows stronger. During one night, she accompanies Grey to his parents’ home. During the dinner, Ana abruptly mentions that she is leaving in the morning for Georgia to visit her mother. Later on, Christian gets frustrated when Ana discloses that she is interested in romance instead of the one-sided relationship favored by grey. Christian shocks her when he unexpectedly arrives in Georgia. He leaves almost immediately to take care of an emergency in Seattle

When they return home, Ana and Grey continue seeing each other but Grey still wants to continue with sexual experimentation. Ana agrees and to take part willingly. Christian however keeps Ana distant emotionally, this upsets her. While putting the contract into consideration and trying to understand Grey psychologically, Ana asks Christian to make a demonstration on how he would punish her if she broke any rule. Christian takes out a whip and whips her 6 times on her buttocks and makes her count every strike. When he makes attempts to assist her to get up, she shoves him away angrily. She is disgusted and upset. She learns that Christian isn’t that romantic; He is deviant and excessive

In the end, both Christian and Ana experience flashbacks. As Christian continues to jog in the rains, Ana sobs inside her apartments. Christian stumbles on a gift that Ana had given him that has a note reading “This reminded me of a happy time. -Ana”.




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